Conference Programe — Saturday, 6 August 2011

Time Room A Room B
8:30 Registration desk opens & Coffee
9:00 Keynote 2 – Andrew Pearce (for NPAR)
10:00 Coffee
10:30 Session 7: Animation
Session chair: Adam Finkelstein
  • TexToons: Practical Texture Mapping for Hand-drawn Cartoon Animations
  • Double Meandering Algorithm: From Drawing Game to Automated Animation
  • Spatio-temporal Analysis for Parameterizing Animated Lines
  • Temporal Noise Control for Sketchy Animation
Session 8: Enhancing Sketching
Session chair: Beryl Plimmer
  • Defining Precise Measurements with Sketched Annotations
  • Artistic Canvases for Gestural and Non-linear Typography
  • Sketch Express: Facial Expressions Made Easy
  • Continuous Recognition and Visualization of Pen Strokes and Touch-Screen Gestures
12:15 Lunch
13:45 Session 9: Classification
Session chair: Metin Sezgin
  • Quick$: Application of Hierarchical Clustering to Gesture Recognition
  • ClassySeg: A Machine Learning Approach to Automatic Stroke Segmentation
  • Combining Corners from Multiple Segmenters
Session 10: Light and Shadow
Session chair: Holger Winnemöller
  • Dynamic Stylized Shading Primitives
  • Chromatic Shadows for Improved Perception
  • Performing Animator Instrument for Live Media
15:00 Tea
15:30 Session 11: Perception
Session chair: Joëlle Thollot
  • gamutHeatMap: Visualizing the Colour Shift of Rendering Intent Transformations
  • Simple Motion Textures for Ambient Affect
  • Predicting Stereoscopic Viewing Comfort Using a Coherence-Based Computational Model
  • Now or Later: An Initial Exploration into User Perception of Mathematical Expression Recognition Feedback
Session 12: Artistic Stylization
Session chair: Pascal Barla
  • ColourVis: Exploring Colour Usage in Paintings Over Time
  • Portrait Painting Using Active Templates
  • Artistic Tessellations by Growing Curves
  • Customizing Painterly Rendering Styles Using Stroke Processes
18:30 Conference Banquet