CAe 2013 — Accepted Papers (12/21 accepted – 57%)

Real-Time Rendering of Water Surfaces with Cartography-Oriented Design
Amir Semmo, Jan Eric Kyprianidis, Matthias Trapp and Jürgen Döllner

Patch-based Geometric Texture Synthesis
Zainab AlMeraj, Craig Kaplan and Paul Asente

Perceiving Complex Causation Through Interaction
Colin Ware

Non-Photorealistic Rendering with Spot Colour
Paul Rosin and Yu-Kun Lai

Morphable guidelines for the human head
Shelley Gao, Amy Gooch and Christopher Werner

How Self-Similar are Artworks at Different Levels of Spatial Resolution?
Seyed Ali Amirshahi, Christoph Redies and Joachim Denzler

Creating Contour Gradients using 3D bevels
Paul Asente and Nathan Carr

Generating Knitting Patterns from a Sketch: a CSP Approach
Marta Kryven and Elodie Fourquet

The Aesthetics of Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees
Michael Burch and Daniel Weiskopf

Virtual Photograph Based Saliency Analysis of High Dynamic Range Images
Xihe Gao, Stephen Brooks and Dirk Arnold

Generative Fluid Profiles for Interactive Media Arts Projects
Angus Forbes, Tobias Hollerer and George Legrady

Simple Art as Abstractions of Photographs
Peter Hall and Yi-Zhe Song

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