What is new this year?

Presentation of work previously published in a journal

The intent of this change is to allow authors who prefer (or need) to publish their work in journal form the opportunity to present that work at Expressive.

Requirements: The work should be published in the July 2012 to July 2013 time frame, and not have been presented at a conference or symposium already.

What to submit: A copy of the paper abstract and a link to the published paper or a pre-print of it.

Submissions will be reviewed by the program committee for suitability of content. Note that accepted presentations are subject to the same rules as regular papers, namely that at least one author must register for the conference.

Deadline: 2 June 2013

The Visual Showcase: (Impressively) Expressive Results

Last year, authors of accepted papers were invited to bring artworks made using their techniques to show at Expressive (this was different than the art show itself). We would like to extend this invitation again, but open it to all attendees. These artworks will be displayed at the Expressive venue.

Requirements: The artwork should be related to recent technical work that falls under the Expressive umbrella.

What to submit: A one-page abstract describing how the artwork was created, along with an image or video.

Deadline: 2 June 2013

Journal publication

Unlike previous years, there will not be an official process to consider Expressive 2013 papers for journal publication.

Merged program committee

Expressive 2013 will have a single, merged technical program committee. However, papers will still be submitted to one of the NPAR, SBIM and CAe symposia tracks and reviewed by that symposium's criteria.

Posters, demos and artworks

You are invited to submit to these programs at any time before June 2nd; every effort will be made to return a response within two weeks.