Accepted Posters and Demos

Post-Processing NPR Effects for Video Games: a Case Study
Milan Magdics, Catherine Sauvaget, Ruben Garcia and Mateu Sbert

Sketching Style Detection System
Burak Ozen and T. Metin Sezgin

New Modalities, New Challenges – A Tool for Annotating Sketching and Gaze Data
Çağla Çığ and T. Metin Sezgin

Illustrative Data Graphic Style Elements
Pierre Dragicevic, Wesley Willett and Tobias Isenberg

Real-Time Ambiguous Animations
Javier Villegas and Angus Forbes

Computer-generated Trompe l'œil
Naoki Sasaki and Takeo Igarashi

Mechanix – Free Body Diagram and Truss Analysis Sketch Workbook
Stephanie Valentine, Hong-Hoe Kim, Erin McTigue, Julie Linsey and Tracy Hammond

Palette arrangement in the pixel art style
Xinyuan Fan, Tiffany Inglis and Craig Kaplan

A Pen and Paper Interface for Animation Creation
Diego Rodriguez, Pablo Figueroa, Julian Arcos, Juan Moreno and Faramarz Samavati

Automatic Comic-Style Video Summarization of Anime Films by Key-frame Detection
Fukusato Tsukasa, Hirai Tatsunori, Ohya Hayato and Shigeo Morishima

Aesthetics: Explorations of Multiple Meanings and Definitions
Ozgun Eylul Iscen, Diane Gromala, Mehdi Karamnejad, Amber Choo and Jeremy Mamisao

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