Conference Program — Saturday, 20 July 2013

8:30 Registration desk opens & Coffee
9:00 Keynote 2: Camille Utterback
“An Artist’s Perspective on CAe, SBIM, NPAR”
10:00 Coffee
10:30 Session 4: Human interfaces and education
Session chair: Levent Burak Kara
  • Perceiving Complex Causation Through Interaction (CAe)
    Colin Ware
  • Mastering Digital Materiality in Immersive Modelling (SBIM)
    Johann Habakuk Israel, Laurence Mauderli and Laurent Greslin
  • A Sketching Game for Art History Instruction (SBIM)
    Rajinder Wasson, David Mould, Robert Biddle and Cristina Martinez
  • KimCHI: A Sketch-Based Developmental Skill Classifier to Enhance Pen-Driven Educational Interfaces for Children (SBIM)
    Hong-hoe Kim, Paul Taele, Stephanie Valentine, Erin McTigue and Tracy Hammond
  • Generative Fluid Profiles for Interactive Media Arts Projects (CAe)
    Angus Forbes, Tobias Hollerer and George Legrady
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Session 5: Modeling characters
Session chair: Adam Finkelstein
  • ElastiFace: Matching and Blending Textured Faces (NPAR)
    Eduard Zell and Mario Botsch
  • Morphable guidelines for the human head (CAe)
    Shelley Gao, Amy Gooch and Christopher Werner
  • Automatic Single-View Character Model Reconstruction (SBIM)
    Philip Buchanan, R Mukundan and Michael Doggett
15:15 Coffee
15:45 Session 6: Image processing / vision
Session chair: Cindy Grimm
  • How Self-Similar are Artworks at Different Levels of Spatial Resolution? (CAe)
    Seyed Ali Amirshahi, Christoph Redies and Joachim Denzler
  • Non-Photorealistic Rendering with Spot Colour (CAe)
    Paul Rosin and Yu-Kun Lai
  • The Aesthetics of Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees (CAe)
    Michael Burch and Daniel Weiskopf
  • Virtual Photograph Based Saliency Analysis of High Dynamic Range Images (CAe)
    Xihe Gao, Stephen Brooks and Dirk Arnold
17:30 Closing & Steering Committee Meeting