SBIM 2013 — Accepted Papers (8/14 accepted – 57%)

LandSketch: A First Person Point-of-View Example-Based Terrain Modeling Approach
Vladimir Passos

Supervised Machine Learning for Grouping Sketch Diagram Strokes
Phillip Stevens, Rachel Blagojevic and Beryl Plimmer

A Sketching Game for Art History Instruction
Rajinder Wasson, David Mould, Robert Biddle and Cristina Martinez

Automatic Single-View Character Model Reconstruction
Philip Buchanan, R Mukundan and Michael Doggett

A Circle-based Vectorization Algorithm for Drawings with Shadows
Alexandra Bonnici and Kenneth Camilleri

Decomposing cycles for interactive sketch previews
Fatemeh Abbasinejad, Nina Amenta, Lance Simons, Cindy Grimm and Pushkar Joshi

Mastering Digital Materiality in Immersive Modelling
Johann Habakuk Israel, Laurence Mauderli and Laurent Greslin

KimCHI: A Sketch-Based Developmental Skill Classifier to Enhance Pen-Driven Educational Interfaces for Children
Hong-hoe Kim, Paul Taele, Stephanie Valentine, Erin McTigue and Tracy Hammond

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