Exhibited in the Visual Showcase

Moving America
Sol Eun

Visual Showcase: Interactive Example-based Hatching
Moritz Gerl and Tobias Isenberg

Dissolving Self: Wearable Technology, Metaphoric Data Visualization + Contemporary Dance
Maziar Ghaderi

High-Dimensional Calligraphic Visualization of DNA and Protein Sequences
Ruth West, JP Lewis, Jeff Burke, Eitan Mendelowitz and Cheryl Kerfeld

Visual Showcase: An Illustrative Data Graphic in an 18th–19th Century Style
Pierre Dragicevic, Benjamin Bach, Nicole Dufournaud, Samuel Huron, Petra Isenberg, Yvonne Jansen, Charles Perin, Andre Spritzer, Romain Vuillemot, Wesley Willett and Tobias Isenberg

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