The Visual Showcase: Call for (Impressively) Expressive Results

Last year, at Expressive 2012, paper authors were invited to bring examples of their work for display. This year, we would like to extend that invitation to all conference attendees. If you have used novel or advanced techniques to create illustrations, artwork, or simply beautiful images/videos/3D shapes that you are proud of, we would like to see these and hear how they were created.


  • The piece should be a demonstration of the use of novel or advanced techniques in the field of Expressive.
  • The piece should be exhibited in a nice and appropriate way, like in a gallery or an art show. For example, images could be printed on good quality paper and put into a picture frame.
  • At least one of the creators must attend Expressive to present the piece.

Review criteria:

  • The pieces will be (lightly) reviewed to ensure their relevance to the Expressive umbrella (they will not be reviewed for artistic content).

What to submit:

  • A one-page abstract describing how the piece was made.
  • Space and electrical requirements.
  • An image or video, as appropriate, of the piece.

Pieces will be on display throughout the conference. There will be a short session where artwork creators will have the chance to briefly describe how they made their pieces.

  • We may not have a secure room for display, so please bear that in mind if your piece involves electronics.
  • Similarly, we may not be able to accommodate all requests for electrical power.
  • We will arrange to have easels and tables.
  • We will not be able to support equipment requests; you must bring (and set up) your own.


Please submit your work at

Submissions will be reviewed as they are received and decisions should be available within 2 weeks. Submission closes on June 2nd, 2013.