Call for Journal Talks — new this year!

We would like to invite authors who have had their work published in a journal, but have not presented their work at a conference, to request a presentation at Expressive. This is similar in spirit to Transaction on Graphics (TOG) authors presenting their work at SIGGRAPH. Our intent is to bring interesting work in the Expressive area to the attention of attendees and provide a forum for discussion for the paper’s authors.


  • Papers should have appeared, or be scheduled to appear, in the July 2012 to July 2013 time frame.
  • Work should not have been presented as a conference talk elsewhere (poster presentations do not count).
  • The work should fall under the Expressive umbrella.
  • At least one author must register for Expressive.

Review criteria:

  • Papers will be reviewed by the paper’s chairs to determine if the content is suitable for Expressive.
  • Talk slots are on a first come, first served basis. In the unlikely event that we receive too many journal talk requests, we may not be able to accommodate them all.

If accepted, you will receive a talk slot just as a regularly accepted paper would. The title of the talk and a link to the journal paper will be posted on the conference website. There will be no publication in the conference proceedings.

What to submit:

  • An abstract with the following information:
    • Where and when the journal paper will appear/has appeared.
    • Paper title and author's names.
    • The presenting author.
    • Web-link to paper (if possible).
  • A pre-print of the journal if no web-link is available.

Submission deadline: June 2nd is the last day to submit a talk request. Submissions will be evaluated as they are received, however, with an approximate two week review time.


Please submit your journal talk at and select the “Journal Talk” track.