Supplemental renderings for OmniPhotos

  1. The list of methods on the top left corresponds one-to-one to the rows in Table 1 in the OmniPhotos paper.
  2. The images and proxy renderings are created by rendering cubemap faces at 512×512 resolution, and converting the cubemap to an equirectangular image at 1536×768 resolution using skylibs.
  3. The proxy renderings visualise the world-space positions of the proxy geometry. The red/green/blue lines indicate where the geometry intersects the planes {x, y, z} = k × 40 cm (for integer k). For example, green lines indicate horizontal planes (perpendicular to the y-axis) that are spaced 40 cm apart.
  4. The Parallax360 rendering is not continuous across cubemap faces and thus shows stitching errors.
  5. The scenes are from The Replica Dataset: A Digital Replica of Indoor Spaces (Straub et al. 2019).
  6. Positions (bottom right buttons with arrows) are located on a grid: {–30 cm, 0 cm, 30 cm}2.