Christian Richardt1    Peter Hedman2    Ryan S. Overbeck3    Brian Cabral4    Robert Konrad5    Steve Sullivan6

1 University of Bath    2 University College London    3 Google    4 Facebook    5 Stanford University    6 Microsoft

SIGGRAPH 2019 Course

Thursday 1 August 2019, 14:00–17:15, Los Angeles Convention Center, Theatre 411

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Virtual reality (VR) enables the display of dynamic visual content with unparalleled realism and immersion. However, VR is also still a relatively young medium that requires new ways to author content, particularly for visual content that is captured from the real world. This course, therefore, provides a comprehensive overview of the latest progress in bringing photographs and video into VR. Ultimately, the techniques, approaches and systems we discuss aim to faithfully capture the visual appearance and dynamics of the real world, and to bring it into virtual reality to create unparalleled realism and immersion by providing freedom of head motion and motion parallax, which is a vital depth cue for the human visual system. In this half-day course, we take the audience on a journey from VR photography to VR video that began more than a century ago but which has accelerated tremendously in the last five years. We discuss both commercial state-of-the-art systems by Facebook, Google and Microsoft, as well as the latest research techniques and prototypes.

Course Schedule

Time Topic Final slides
14:00 Welcome and Introduction
Christian Richardt, University of Bath
PDF (7 MB)
PPTX (49 MB)
14:20 360° (Stereo) Panoramas
Christian Richardt, University of Bath
PDF (6 MB)
PPTX (259 MB)
14:40 3D Photography
Peter Hedman, University College London
PDF (6 MB)
Keynote (1.1 GB)
15:00 Light Field Photography
Ryan S. Overbeck, Google
PDF (11 MB)
15:20 Q&A followed by a short break
all presenters
15:35 360 and ODS Video
Brian Cabral, Facebook
PDF (4 MB)
15:55 Live ODS Video
Robert Konrad, Stanford University
PDF (4 MB)
16:15 6-DoF Video
Brian Cabral, Facebook
PDF (9 MB)
16:35 MR Capture Studios
Steve Sullivan, Microsoft
PDF (4 MB)
16:55 Conclusion + Q&A
all presenters
PDF (2 MB)
PPTX (27 MB)



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