Setting up IPython Notebook on Windows

Update (Feb 2016): These instructions are now outdated. The recommended way to install Jupyter (new name for IPython Notebook) is now using Anaconda. IPython Notebook is a great tool for prototyping algorithms and analysing data interactively, in particular in combination … Continued

Moving a Qt installation directory

After adding a new drive to my machine and re-installing Windows, the path of my custom-built Qt directory changed from D:\Qt\4.8.3 to E:\Qt\4.8.3. CMake cannot use it in the new location, because it calls qmake -query which returns the old … Continued

OpenCV with C++11 on OS X 10.8

The new C++11 standard includes many language and library features that make programming in C++ more enjoyable, such as lambdas, the auto keyword and smart pointers (in the STL). Visual Studio 2010 already supports some of these features out of … Continued